The following represents the most commonly requested mounts. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have a custom request, please contact us for a quote.

Terms and Conditions: We require a non-refundable 1/2 deposit, or a payment plan schedule is due before work is to be started, with the balance due on or prior to the time of completion.

All work to be done must be accompanied by a valid hunting and/or fishing licence and all necessary tags (photocopies are fine).

2016 pricing:

Note: All prices are subject to change.


Shoulder Mounts

Deer or Antelope $550
Moose or Bison $1500
Elk $1200
Black Bear or Wolf $550
Mountain Goat $600
Caribou $800
Big Horn /  Ram $600
Wild Boar $700
Bobcat, Coyote, small game head $450

open mouth mounts add $100

Additional  $50./hr charge for repair work to capes or antlers


Lifesize Mounts

Bobcat $900
Bobcat with a bird $1100
Coyote $900
Ram or Goat $2000
Deer $2000
Antelope $2000
Elk $4000
Cougar $3000
Bear $3000
Bear 3/4 $1500

*All lifesize mounts come with a standard base for the floor or the wall .

 Custom bases and/or additional habitat/scenery may also be available for an additional fee.


Antler Plaque

Elk, Moose, or Caribou $200
Deer or Antelope $150

Mounts include solid wood plaque and leather covering.


European Skull Mounts

Bison or Moose $350
Elk $300
Deer or Antelope $200
Black Bear or Cougar $100
Bobcat, Coyote, or Fox $60

All skulls are cleaned using beetles, de-greased, whitened, sealed. Antlered skulls mounted on solid wood plaque.


Bird Mounts

Ducks $350
Goose  $600
Sage Grouse $400
Upland Birds $300
Turkey Fan & Beard mount $150
Turkey $700

Turkeys mounts use real freeze dried heads (only the best!). All birds finished with competition quality eyes and custom habitat.



Black Bear or Cougar $200 linear ft.

Our rugs are the best around! All rugs include full head mount, double felt border, padding, color matched backing, and metal D rings. Our rugs are trimed for symetry and fully sewn for the highest quality finished product.



Tanning – Hair On

Bison $20 sq. ft.
Elk $15 sq. ft.
Deer/Antelope $200
Back half & tail $150
Coyote/Bobcat/Beaver $150

Skinning of life-size, pickup, delivery and installation may be available.

Starcks taxidermy reserves the right to refuse services at any time.