Field Care

General Care of Animals



- Never cut the throat of any animal. Otherwise it could be ruined for mounting.
- Never use a black plastic bag for a fresh mammal, it could cause the hide to sweat and rot in a matter of hours. A cloth game bag is best.
Your trophy should be taken care of within 24 hours of kill in warm weather. 48 hours if cooler. If possible, skin or cape mammals and take to taxidermist or freeze until you can.

Cut completely around the brisket. Cut around the knee and then on the backside of the legs leaving underarm alone. Cut from top of back, up the neck toward back of skull. Cut off skull with cape attached and freeze inside game bag or take to taxidermist.


Cut from anus to throat on underside of animal. Cut legs starting from foot and go toward center cut. Peel skin off animal, place in a game bag & freeze.

Salt: The only reason to salt is if you cannot get to a taxidermist within a day or two .Remove all fat & flesh from hide. Salt skin thoroughly with fine non-iodized table salt. Shake off next day & salt again – Do Not sun dry. Skin can be frozen with or without salt

Field Care of Birds

DO NOT clean (field dress, gut, etc.) any bird you wish to mount. Birds that are skinned will be looked at to determine if a mount is possible.

Fresh specimens should be cooled (refrigerated) and wrapped in a nylon stocking to preserve feathers. Wrap in news paper then in a thick plastic bag and freeze until you can bring in. DO NOT store animals in a frost free freezer – this will dehydrate the animal to be mounted.

Condition of Acceptance: We assume no responsibility or guarantee the results of any tanning. We have no control of skins prior to being received. Care in the field, climate conditions and condition of the animal when delivered to the taxidermist play a key role in final product. Poorly handled skins are tanned at owners risk. We will inform you if we feel the hide is not workable before project.